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Welcome to the Lorenzpiano Blog.

Key ingredients to optimize learning and self discovery.

For the past two decades I have been weaving my studies in human development into my work as a piano instructor. I have observed that when one is faced with the study of any musical instrument, personal development, unlearning outdated practices, discovering active and outdated limiting beliefs, replacing old limitations with expansive tangible and kinetic awareness of self becomes a key part of the journey.

I have worked as a coach both at the piano and away from the piano. I have discovered that working through or working out what my client needs is a process that is deeper and more expedited when we work at the keyboard of a piano rather than simply talking sessions.

Not all of my students are musicians, and several have never played piano before meeting me. My pianist - piano students also benefit from my unique approach to learning that is tailored around them, their individuality, their trajectory and goals.

Conversations to the cloud, more to come.

Exploring the learning process from the prospectives of piano students and instructors yields rich material for a blog. It is my hope to get these topics, conversations, observations and whatever else may come out into the cloud for anyone to contemplate, digest, disagree with, or whatever may come.

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