Start in the shallow end

Updated: Oct 5

When experiencing art, tasting food, or listening to music, if we open ourselves up to the experience, we grow. Being empty of any preconceptions or expectations, gradually discovering the simplicity and complexity of our experience, allows for complete integration.

Playing a musical instrument, much like swimming in a pool for the first time, becomes more and more natural and even second nature over time. There are always new possibilities, new obstacles and new thresholds of skill and discovery around every corner. Start in the shallow end, and remain attentive and curious.

Enjoy the process. Respect the part of you that has arrived to swim in sound, and respect your own time by being fully engaged. Seek to be as attentive, patient and playful as possible. We do not improve or gain new skills through contemplation. Practice, practice, practice. Begin in the shallow end, apply yourself, and the rest will follow.