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David is awesome. Clearly a talented musician in his own right, he is also an intuitive instructor and a quick communicator.  I could not be more pleased.

-M.M   Edmonds, WA


David understands teaching piano is about relationship as well as learning. He prioritizes his relationship with the student, in our case he supported supported my daughters to show up as exactly who they are and experience who they are through the act of playing piano. 

-S.L. Bellevue WA


David is an excellent coach. He is patient and encouraging. He balances mechanics with theory, sight-reading with improvisation. He listens closely and offers insightful help. He helped me progress from an adult re-beginner to an intermediate player where I can now fully enjoy playing. Thank you, David!

-J.R.  Bellevue, WA


David has taught my children, ages 13 and 16, for 3 years.   Both of them are very different.   My son really enjoys classical and has recently been exploring jazz. My daughter is more of a dabbler.  David has successfully kept their interest and enthusiasm for piano and for music as a whole. Both children have blossomed under David’s tutelage.   Perhaps more importantly, both continue lessons because they want to continue – rather than parental pressure.  

-A.I.  Kirkland WA

David is an excellent teacher! Knowledgeable, personable, and patient. My son and I have both been taking lessons with David for over a year now.  We are very happy and would highly recommend him to anyone interested in learning to play piano.

-A.S.  Edmonds WA



​​​David has given my daughter piano lessons for over 7 years from age 8 to 15. He does a great job of keeping it fun and interesting while also keeping it challenging. He started with the basic skills, but as she grew older taught her more and more about music theory.  She has developed in so many ways.

-C.R,  Mercer Island WA

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