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Get to Know Us

Lorenzpiano is David Lorenz who offers private tutoring at the piano for musicians and non musicians of all levels looking for a creative method to pursue personal development.

Study at the piano, whether you are a professional musician, CEO, student, engineer, dabbler, teacher, parent, (all of the above, none of the above); is something that will transform how you think, how you see yourself, and how you see the world around you.  

Client Reviews

David draws from a deep well to guide the student toward proficiency. Whether the music is classical, jazz, modern songwriting, or something of a mix between, David finds ways to teach deconstruction, reassembly and interpretation. His approach is both disciplined and thought provoking. I have always anticipated each lesson with excitement and left each lesson feeling deep grooves scored into my brain. Plus, David is a hoot! I strongly recommend studying under David's attentive tutelage.

-R.J.  Sammamish, WA

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