David Lorenz


Pianist   |  Composer  |  Educator​



David Lorenz is a Seattle based composer, pianist, and improvisational musician.  

David has been teaching privately in the Greater Seattle area for over 20 years.  David's students range from beginners of all ages to professional musicians and non-musicians alike.   David has played the piano since he was five years old, and was under the tutelage of Jean Boardman during his early years, performing in recital halls across the country.  


In his early teens, David entered Cornish College of the Arts.  During the Cornish years, David was influenced by minimalist composers Steve Reich, John Cage, and many fantastic Jazz and Classical musicians and composers on staff at Cornish in the late 1980's and early 1990's. 

David is Graduate of NWSH, an intensive four year masters program in human development, incorporating both Brennan* and Core* Integration techniques.  David incorporates many layers of individual growth and development into his teaching practice.